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Ilya Shkipin
In the gruing, lightning-laced, thundercloud-shadowy, lithe-formed works of Ilya Shkipin, formal elements are turned on their head to serve a higher purpose—reality feels wrung out like a wet towel, then stretched out on a wire to dry: love, nightmares, the plodding backbreaking of everyday life, the struggle of being all pulled out in celestial shades and imaginative forms, every piece revealing some essential truth about each.

#Dinner #socialgrooming

#Dinner #socialgrooming


The wheels keep turning with this new group of work influenced by old pulp comics.  I may be getting a hold of some silkscreens to make these images, but we will see. I haven’t been this productive while handing various other tasks since I don’t know when. If all goes well you can expect to see tons of new original work and prints by Abel Garzaand myself at the Galveston, TX ARTober Fest going…

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